Samantha Sidley
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This is Samantha Sidley or Miss Samantha Sidley.

She is a queer jazz singer & interpreter from Los Angeles, CA.

Her debut album, ‘Interior Person’ is out on September 13th via Release Me Records.

Her blood type is A positive; her Jazz PIN is #7931.


Opening for The Bird and the Bee this August!



has a few things to share with you.


“I Like Girls” (Click image to listen.) Photo credit: Logan White.

“I Like Girls” (Click image to listen.) Photo credit: Logan White.


Sam’s first single, “I Like Girls” is out now.

Fall 2019 will see the release of Samantha Sidley’s long-awaited debut record, ‘Interior Person’ a collection of songs by Alex Lilly, Barbara Gruska and Inara George – and some classics – celebrating love, sex, feminine power, and the wonders and perils of the human spirit. With longtime collaborators, musical director and multi-instrumentalist Dan Reckard and trombonist Vikram Devasthali – and other surprise guests. Out September 13, 2019 on Release Me Records.

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